A midst a floating trailer park, a twisted tale of love is set.  Back in time and into the future, an insomniac silent hero decides to traverse the dating labyrinth of Craigslist's casual encounters. Despite many warnings, one night she ingests a secret pill which fills her with a fantastical sense of power, and so, her transformation begins. It was the Amulet of Ambien. And so in an awakened trance, she hears a voice emanating from an angelic, magneto-electric beat.  It was The Gagastic Spirit herself! The Golden-Eyed Commander of Wishes singing sacred, sublimable pop dance verses.  Join "The Daydreamer" as she encounters various mystifying creatures: Jim the Stalker a.k.a. Swedish Fish Man, The Sacred Heart of Tinker Jerker, Rape Man, and the most menacing of them all, Black Truck Man. Will Black Truck Man destroy her and turn all make believe to reality? Or will the others help "The Daydreamer" retrieve her identity and still live in fantasy where everything is possible? And to what extent? Are you ready for your first encounter?

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Natalia "Hairy-Bone Little Lung" Gomez

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