NATALIA GOMEZ was born and raised in Daly City, California, a.k.a. FogTown, sandwiched between the shopping malls and the dead.  She has tried to escape the Fog Monster and currently resides in Berkeley on her boat.  She received an M.F.A. from California College of the Arts in 2010, masking her insane endeavors as part of her art practice.  She is currently creating charcoal stop motion videos, which set the stage for her characters, allowing reality to shift to a heightened cinematic paradigm... enjoy the ride!


NATALIA GOMEZ - (650)766-1343 


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Cal State University East Bay, Hayward, 2008 

Selected Group Exhibitions

Autobody Fine art Gallery, "Sugar", Alameda, September 2013

Helena Hallway Show, "In Search of the Miraculous", San Francisco, August 2013

The Little Roxie Theater, The NeverEnding Story in 5D, San Francisco, December 2013

Famous Four Colors Gallery, Girl Play, Oakland, February 2012

As is Exhibition *The Beautiful Kiosk* + *The Stick That Holds Up the Scarecrow*, Oakland, 2011

STUDIO H, The Preview Show, Bushwick Open Studios, New York, 2011

The Little Roxie Theater, Project Rainbow, San Francisco, 2011

Art House Co-op, The SKETCHBOOK PROJECT, Brooklyn Art Library, NY, 2011 

N O M A Gallery, the n o m a i n b e t w e e n series presents: BlindSighted, San Francisco, 2010

California College of the Arts Master of Fine Arts 2010 Exhibition, San Francisco

California College of the Arts Juried Media Show, Night/Light, San Francisco, 2010 

111 Minna Gallery, WONDERLAND, San Francisco, 2010 

PLAySPACE Gallery, Obstinate Flesh, San Francisco, 2010

Mezzanine, Chillin Productions, San Francisco, 2009

California College of the Arts Media Arts Juried Exhibition, San Francisco, 2009 

Mezzanine, 10th Anniversary Party, San Francisco, 2008 

Mezzanine, Chillin Productions, San Francisco, 2007 

Mezzanine, 9th Anniversary Party, San Francisco, 2007 

Cal State University East Bay, Student Union Gallery, 2007 

Claremont Hotel, Awards Gala Show, Berkeley, 2006 

City College of San Francisco, City Arts Gallery, 2006 

Melting Point Gallery, "Saturnalia: A Multimedia Experience", San Francisco, 2006 

Melting Point Gallery, "High Screams", San Francisco, 2003 

Selected Publications

 The Guardsman, "Three-Artist Show Shines at City Arts Gallery", San Francisco, 2006 


Howard Slatoff Trust Award, 2008 

Utrecht Art Award, 2008 


Master of Fine Arts, California College of the Arts, 2010 

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cal State University East Bay, 2008 

Associates Degree in Arts, City College of San Francisco, 2005 


Daly City, California: June 4, 1980

"My Statement!"

Black out, from ages 14 to 21. Black out...hyperventilating into mom's grocery out...brotherly love out...confined in white sheets while spun out of out...overdose on Flintstones vitamins...semi-black out...fill my belly with bubblegum black out but rainbow colored vomit instead...asphyxiation with red out...the magical candy... black out...Sandman's out. Hands are numb. Body jolts and twitches like Tourrette's. Flash!Flash!Flash! It's Looney Toons and I hope Porky the Pig will pop out of the black and say "That's All Folks!". I just want a sense of nostalgia to hold on to. Instead multiple Spanish speaking voices emerge. They pile one upon another. It feels like Play-doh. The sounds are malleable but disconcerting. The tingling sensation swirls through my body. What is its texture? It feels soft and sticky, like cotton candy. The black is coming. Twitch, twitch, twitch, twitch...snap out of it. It doesn't make any sense. Will I ever wake up? I guess I won't know since I am in a…wait where am I? It's quite a relief to let go and not know anything, not know where you are, whether you are alive or dead or even out.